Her Journey Had Begun...

4 weeks ago today I landed in La La Land with 2 suitcases dragging behind me and all of my dreams dancing ahead.

On the morning of August 14, I said two of my hardest goodbyes before making my exit from Detroit. The first was to my boyfriend Tony (male human, age 24), and the second to my best friend Holly (female canine, age 9). Six hours later I touched down at LAX accompanied by my biggest supporters, Mom & Dad.

Those first few days were spent primarily sterilizing my new room, which had prior been inhibited by a few hungry cockroaches and one messy musician. Living in a house comprised of myself and 4 male roommates I met on the internet, what could go wrong?! While I do see the humor as well the subtle shock factor involved in my living set up, I have to say it’s been nothing but a blessing. The roomies have welcomed me into their home as if I’m their new little sister and have made every accommodation for me ever since. This includes not only putting the toilet seat down and allowing me to take over majority of the bathroom cabinet space with my hair supplies, but also collaborating to help me film audition tapes for tampon commercials and teaching me how to cook dinner for myself. My life is a sitcom. Ever seen New Girl?

It’s amazing how $107 dollars worth of cleaning supplies, a few sets of stringed lights, a little creativity, and an invested set of parents can really turn a room around. What began as nothing more than broken shelves and dusty windows suddenly became my own familiar safe haven in a city otherwise full of unknowns. Together, we transformed my little suite. My dad never looked so proud as when he watched me drill fresh holes in the wall to mount new shelves on. Uprooting your life and starting over somewhere new surely serves as a vessel for self discovery, and for my first revelation: turns out I love using power tools.

As fearless as I was while my parents were here, I have to admit to a moment of panic when they left.

“Now what?”

Three days ago I lived within a one mile radius to everyone important in my life, working at a comfortable job on a tour boat on the Detroit River, spending my free time splashing around in our above-ground pool with the dog. Then suddenly, I’m alone in Los Angeles, I have no responsibilities, no money, and no idea how to fry a cheeseburger. All I do know is this notion I’ve spoken of forever, about moving to LA to pursue this crazy dream, was no longer just an idea; it’s now my reality. Exciting as it is terrifying. And it didn’t hit me until I saw the Dodge Caravan pull out of the driveway with my parents inside it, hands waving kisses blowing.

Week 1 unveiled an abundance of unanticipated adjustments and a whole lot of “growing up.” My first few nights were spent with the lights on, and my first few mornings with me scouring my room for unwanted critters—a heeled boot in one hand and bug spray in the other. In struggling to navigate the grocery store, I mistakenly bought whole milk for my cereal rather than my go-to skim. It took me 3 days to realize hot water was the left knob in the shower, not the right. Getting behind the wheel for the first time felt like learning to drive all over again, logging about 3 aggressive honks per mile from angry passerby.

Despite the handful of minor trials, by the end of Week 1 I had successfully managed to sleep through the night in the dark (no monsters), wake up without an unsubstantiated fear of being eaten by cockroaches, prepare 3 healthy, balanced, and surprisingly tasty meals for myself per day, and had finally begun my job as part of the acclaimed LA Kings Icecrew. In fact, it turns out I was the one inclined to beep when stuck behind a car moving at Midwest speed while I was in a rush to my first day of work.

Week 2 saw my first TV network experience on set of Let’s Make a Deal on CBS! Episode airs May 5, 2020; keep an eye out. Getting a taste of how the industry works here in the big leagues only made me thirst for more. The lights, the crowd, the camera, the action—this is what I came here for. Not to mentioned my 90 year old grandmother, “Coolgrannie,” is now hooked on the show.

In the midst of weeks 3 & 4 I was able to get on set of a few more revered TV series, including Dr. Phil and Lights Out with David Spade. Seeing the pro’s in their element proves comparable to attending a world class acting workshop. What better way to learn than watching the whole process happen right before your eyes? and then getting to review it when the episode airs on cable a few hours later? Nothing like it. Hollywood, baby.

I managed to book my first advertisement during Week 4 as well. What for? Drumroll please……..Period products! Coming soon to a pop up ad near you ;)

Now, at the dawn of Week 5 I am feeling inspired, hopeful, and overwhelmingly grateful. I never could have found the courage to take the leap to LA without the relentless support I’ve received from family and friends. I wake up every day knowing that it will be nothing like the day prior or the day to follow. Collecting a whirlwind of new experiences and ridiculous memories has become my lifestyle here, and it brings me an unprecedented amount of joy.

So far, the only downside to life in LA is the 2,000 miles separating me from those I love the most. So this is my vow to stay connected despite the distance and provide a textual lifeline for anyone willing to keep up with all my crazy antics. Share, comment, FaceTime, call….

Until next time, with love from LA…..